Examples of Projects

Example of Projects

Understanding fundamental biological functions

Here we combined the RUSH assay with chemical libraries using Mannosidase II (ManII) as a model Golgi enzyme. Using computational image processing operations we identified several molecules either inhibiting or accelerating ManII transport from ER to Golgi. Commercial libraries of FDA-approved drugs together with kinase, phosphatase and protease inhibitors were screened on the stably expressing Str-KDEL_ManII-SBP-EGFP (Franck Perez’s team).

Drug Screening applied to childhood cancers

The international COMPASS project proposes that adding direct functional testing of drug sensitivities of patient-derived (PD) cancer cells to molecular profiling will provide additional key information for precision pediatric oncology.
The COMPASS consortium has four main aims: I) establish a standardized ex vivo drug response profiling platform to discover unexpected drug efficacies and drug re-positioning opportunities, II) discover new biomarkers and molecular mechanisms for the drug efficacies seen, III) generate a large-scale online data resource of drug efficacies with integrated omics data providing a basis for novel precision therapies for incurable pediatric tumors and IV) clinical translation. To achieve a high concordance in a multi-center setting, we are sharing standard operating procedures (SOP), a core set of genetically defined pediatric PD tumor models and a COMPASS core library containing clinically approved drugs.

Grant details : ED_18-1-2019-0017 Clinical implementation of Multidimensional Phenotypical drug Sensitivities in pediatric precision oncology (COMPASS.

The role of BioPhenics

We are working together with EU researchers to identify new treatment approaches for children cancers. Together with our next-door neighbors from the Bioinformatics Team and the SIRIC Translational Pediatric Oncology teams of the Institut Curie.

BioPhenics provides patient-derived tumor based screening solutions for a large-scale drug profiling providing a basis for novel precision therapies for incurable pediatric tumors.