Infrastructure/ Equipment

computer coding screengrab

Infrastructure & Equipment


BioPhenics is equipped with instrumentation and software solutions for running siRNA and chemical molecules screens using a variety of assay technologies.

  • Automation for liquid handling and robotic to perform assays in 384-well plates accurately and efficiently
  • Detection devices as multi-label plate readers to enable a wide range of cellular-based assays
  • High-content microscopy and high-content image analysis software are combined with automation technologies
  • Screening libraries of small molecules for pursuing molecular screening, including siRNA, Drug approved compounds and in-house chemicals.
  • Bioinformatics where our team together with our next door collaborators provide advanced analytics and help our collaborators to extract useful information from the screening experiments

BioPhenics offers laboratories single-source solutions for project-specific automation and other solutions to fit academic, commercial, and government research needs. Our flexible approach enables us to customize our protocols to suit your specific requirements.


  • Liquid Handling Workstation (Tecan)
  • Multidrop (Thermo Scientific)
  • Clariostar Multilabel Microplate Reader (BMG)
  • IN Cell Analyzers