Welcome to BioPhenics

Cellular phenotyping screening to facilitate bioactive small-molecule discovery, FDA-approved drug repositioning and the discovery of novel biological targets for knowledge discovery and future therapeutic intervention

What is BioPhenics?

BioPhenics is an experienced academic cell-based screening core facility team part of the Translational Research Department at the Institut Curie Research Center, France.

Our team is specialized in compound screening and bioassay development to identify key biomarkers and new therapeutic targets from a small-molecules or siRNA libraries, with focus on cellular perturbation responses for human diseases, such as cancer.

We think that more than ever, the key to success is a strong and multidisciplinary collaboration. To achieve this goal, BioPhenics has developed historical collaborations with industrial partners and researchers from the Institut Curie and from other academic teams in France and abroad.

Screening Technology

  • Understanding fundamental biological mechanisms

  • Discovering relevant drug combinations and small molecules, head of series of future drugs

  • Identifying genes and biological pathways implicated in human diseases, as cancer

  • Finding novel therapeutic targets

High-throughput technologies such as RNAi library screening and Pharmacological Compound profiling (phenotypic or functional readouts) are used to dissect the key cellular pathways that control diseases.

This allows us to design specific strategies for each project, in response to our collaborators’ needs as well as to define new targets or repurposing opportunities.

Phenotypic modifications are detected and quantified using luminescence-based assays or confocal fluorescence microscopy-based technology.

We also actively collaborate with next-door bioinformatics teams at the Institut Curie – U900 in the modeling of dose-response therapeutic combinations, as well as with the Computational Bioimaging and bioinformatics at the Ecole Normal Supérieure (IBENS) for the development of tools for analyzing multiparametric phenotypic screens.

Our mission

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Our goal is to facilitate the development and validation of novel targets and to provide unique capabilities in drug repositioning and rescreening. High-confidence hits are identified by comparing multiple screens in parallel, leveraging the broad capabilities of BioPhenics screening facility.

We believe passionately in what we are doing and do our best to support both basic and Translational Biomedical Research Teams to creatively and efficiently develop successful cell screening bioassays to accelerate the discovery of biomarkers, as well as the understanding of pharmacological and toxic properties of bioactive chemical molecules at the early stages of drug discovery.

We can also assist in teaching you the process by which successful HCS bioassays are developed.

BioPhenics is designed to function both as an intellectual base and a core research facility for researchers in their aims to elucidate the mechanisms that underlie disease processes.

How may BioPhenics help you?

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We do

  • Develop cell-based assays for large-scale identification of protein markers of a physiological or functional status of therapeutic responses
  • Perform analysis of cellular disturbances caused by siRNAs and chemical libraries based on their diagnostic or therapeutic interest
  • Identify bio-active molecules, even though they do not present an immediately exploitable therapeutic effect (molecular tools)
  • Perform dose-response and combination screens
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We don’t

  • Know your phenotype better than you do,
  • Screen only one or only few compounds (siRNAs or chemicals) using multiple phenotypes
  • Provide cell lines or any consommables out of a collaboration project
  • Perform a screen without any optimization