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Scientific Part

(e.g. screening your library, your cell line, your particular assay, screening our chemical library, our siRNA library, assembling and screening a new library, …)

Guidance for HTS Application

Assay applications will be evaluated in terms of the following characteristics:
Are the assays ready to be used in micro-titre plates, such as 96-well ? Do you need a particular cell line ? Are steps such as centrifugation, filtration and extraction included in your protocol ? If yes, can they be substituted to comply with robotics handling ? Does it involved cell treatment before fixation (e.g hormones, heat shock, etc…). If yes, please outline the time frame.
Provide useful information on how well the assay performs in terms of reproducibility and robustness (e.g. between day-to-day experiments)
Note: Phenotypic assays measure a signal which corresponds to a complex response such as cell survival, proliferation, localization of a protein, nuclear translocation etc. 

Technical part

Experimental system.
Note: The selection of controls requires careful consideration and optimization as early as in assay development, as this substantially influences the quality and relevance of data and resulting knowledge.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Please provide images with detailed experimental conditions as well as a summary of results previously obtained (ie time-course, dose-titration, etc..)