Compound Screening Libraries

BioPhenics maintains a large collection of small molecules, siRNA and chemical libraries for screening and assay development. The precise set of molecules that are used in a particular screen can be customized depending on the specific nature and goals of your experiment. The following libraries of molecules are available:

1. Approved drugs and compounds of known bioactive and clinical properties. There has been a recent flurry of activity in the “repurposing” of known drugs, which allows for rapid translation from screening hits to the clinic. These compound sets are also excellent tools for revealing valuable pharmacological insight into new targets.

2. Drug-like diversity sets. Collections presenting high structural diversity while satisfying many published criteria for drug- and lead-likeness.

Provider Library name


Library information an provider links

Prestwick FDA-approved


100% approved drugs (FDA, EMEA and other agencies), thus it presents the greatest possible degree of drug-likeliness.
Enzo FDA-approved


Being FDA approved and in use in the clinics, all of the compounds have known and well-characterized bioactivity, safety and bioavailability – properties which could dramatically accelerate drug development and optimization.
Enzo Kinase Inhibitor


Kinase inhibitors of well-defined activity. The library is ideal for chemical genomics, assay development, or as a reference set for secondary screening.
Enzo Phosphatase inhibitor


Includes inhibitors of these important phosphatases: Calcineurin(PP2B), JSP-1, PRL-1, CD45, PP1, PRL-3, CDC25, PP2A, PTEN, and many more.
Enzo Protease Inhibitor


Protease inhibitors of well-defined activity.
NCI Approved Oncology Drugs Set II


FDA-approved anticancer drugs. Primarily chemotherapeutic agents and some target-based (kinase) inhibitors,
NCI Diversity Set III


This set was selected by the NCI-DTP for structural and chemical diversity from their collection of 140,000 compounds. Many of these compounds would not pass the rigorous filters used in current compound library design, but they offer a tremendous diversity in chemical space.
NCI Mechanistic Set


Representative compounds from chemical cluster analysis.
NCI Natural Products


Compounds selected from an open repository of 140,000 compounds by structural diversity and availability of compound.
ChemBridge DIVERSet™


High diversity and quality druglike and leadlike compounds.


Enzo Life Sciences Libraries documentation containing a complete list of compounds and supporting information is supplied with the library or by request at [email protected]

3. siRNA collections (4 siRNAs/gene, non-pooled format)

  • Human Genome
  • Human Small GTPases
  • Human Kinesins
  • Human Exocyst subunits
  • Human SNARES and V-ATPases
  • Human Cysteine Proteases
  • Human Protein Kinases
  • Human E1-E2-E3 ligases and DUBs

Any other collections of genes/siRNA should either be provided by you or be the
object of a joint purchase, and we will contribute to your grant application.

Researchers will shortly have access to lentiviral short hairpin RNA (shRNA) collections.


BioPhenics uses high-quality informatics tools for accessing data processing protocols. Through a software platform, our collaborators can view and investigate the results of their screening assays through an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from any desktop computer. The software includes data visualization tools and other plug-in modules that can help you to explore, report, and share results. It also includes a specialized relational database for storing chemical and biological materials. Members of our staff can provide you with training and technical support to help you to utilize the tools that our bioinformatics tools offers.

Quality assurance and quality control

BioPhenics maintains a rigorous standard of quality assurance and quality control. Each instrument is routinely monitored to ensure that the dispense volumes requested are those that are observed. These records can be used to identify trends in data and aid in the maintenance of the instruments. In addition, each assay plate contains controls to track the overall quality of the assay. If a plate fails quality control, we will re-run it to ensure accurate results.