We welcome projects and this call opens the process of (easy) submission and selection. This includes Institut Curie researchers, as well as investigators at other institutes and those who work in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries.

We offer the opportunity to conduct cell-based screens, using comprehensive or dedicated siRNA libraries or chemical compound libraries in association with various cellular models. Phenotypic modifications will be detected and quantified on the platform using fluorescence microscopy-based assays.

What is your commitment?

You have to commit to the project at least one scientist: senior, post-doc, trained PhD student or engineer/technician (we do not have the resources to take care of untrained students). She/he will be in charge of the prerequisites (see attached doc), will perform the experiments within the Biophenics laboratory as well as the analysis, and take care of the follow-up.

If none of our collections of siRNA (click here) is of interest to you, we will strive to find money to buy other collections. In this case, half of the collections (or at least 2 micromoles) shall stay at Biophenics. They will contribute to the Biophenics Phenotyping Fingerprinting Research project. Results obtained with your siRNA will be shared with you.


Please note that it is very difficult to estimate the total cost of a screening campaign until a number of factors are known. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • How much HTS/HCS method development and validation is required
  • The complexity of the assay (number of manipulations, difficulty of data analysis)
  • Core Facility instrumentation used
  • Number of
  • Data handling and storage